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Saturday, August 19, 2006



I am finally on the road and chanced a stop by at my friends house in nashville, their new headquarters after the katrina mess! The truck is running good and I still dont have curtains sewn up, but, it didnt matter last night! Air conditioning is a luxury, especially considering I will be sleeping in the truck in kansas or some place such as that tonight! I neeed to get higher in the country to get out of the oppressive humidity that settles into the sleeping compartment in my truck. I should hit whistler by wednesday, a day of decompressing will be spent while i get my season pass and drink some fat unibroue beers! No more posts until I hit lot 1, so think good thoughts and cheap gas prices!


Blogger lubes17319 said...

Word up brotherman!!! Hope you're out there wheelin' it up hardcore style...I'll be cruising CO, but not soon enuff....peas

4:30 PM  
Blogger joseph said...

boomer, you're living it man. living it. i hope all is well, and in BC you find the riding we dream of. later. on your way back down feel free to stop in boone, NC. later.


8:25 AM  

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