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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The season is ending, work is impending....

The season is ending up here on the hill, The weekends bring small numbers of joeys and goons but, they still manage to clog the drain on all the fun and fast trails. The weekend days mean they get a pass for standing on the lip or pushing up transitions that are better hit in a complete run. A pass means that I will hit that lip you are standing on so don't curse at me, you are lucky I didn't scrub into your leg or whip into your face. The trail Crew up here is doing a fantastic job of putting out new runs or just updating old ones. The one carpenter they have on staff seems to be working non stop to get that wallride finished in the big no joke tunnel. I rode the first panel today and it will be so good when there is a berm in and three panels to carve down through. All of my crew seems to be filtering off into the hinterlands, sprinter steve and sean and sandy are hanging tough long into the end season. My time is ending here and the day I am supposed to leave is bringing rain. I am off to portland for a flight into hell otherwise known as las vegas. I will be working the interbike week then flying back into portland for some snooping around and oregon skatepark touring with my boy micah...

A big congrats to POTTS and his new bride, rein him in ZOE. I know d.i.y. is in fashion but, you had to know putting on a wedding 250 miles from home and baking your own cake was going to be hella busy!

If you are up here in whistler and you see any three of these gentleman behind you on the lift, please pull over to the side and wait out the storm, you will not survive if you try to weather the natural phenomenon that the above riders will generate in their wake.


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