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Thursday, December 06, 2007

back in georgia

Too much stuff, too much stuff! I moved out of the storage space and into my abode until the owners return from antartica. It took me 20 days to fit all that junk in the storage space and only 4 days to empty it. I am trying to get rid of stuff right away this time around, ebay, salvation army, out by the curb, who cares? I was on my second to last trip to the space with an empty truck and what do I see in the trash? A gt peformer complete and almost ready to ride, bum tire on the front. Had to pick it up didn't I?

Ice Bowl came and went and my voice suffered only a little, my kidneys suffered all weekend and my eyebrows got shorter in a flash!

My defense is I was channeling a friend who passed away this year, he was the one we relied on for action on the side of stupidity, my transformation into a metrosexual with impeccable eyebrows is for you, MARK.

Thanks to trey for his hosting of one of the only annual events I make it to year in and year out.


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