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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The rain falls....

It rained all day yesterday, I have been using the blackcomb day lodge floor in the basement to stretch during this rainy stint. I got some rides in with julie after she hottfooted it from her job in leavenworth to whistler for her weekly dose of 4 days. She gets out earlier than me everyday and rides later everyday, she has the whistler disease. It was sketchy at times on the roots slick with a steady falling rain but golden with traction in the berms. The rains bring new trail work and aline and dirt merchant are buffed to perfection. The aline drop is the smoothest I have ever seen it in two years. Check the videos on the you tube account my account is boomerbaird. I am heading for vegas for interbike and hate to leave whistler. Next year I'll be hanging a little longer.


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