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Monday, August 10, 2009

I made it to whistler... again

There is a first time for everything and that was my feelings at the border. I got selected to be searched and interrogated, maybe the new van was throwing them off, or was it the fact that I can take off for 6 weeks and not be missed by the U.S. of A.? I sat for an hour while they asked me the same questions to see if my story was straight, and searched the truck. I had too many tools and too little proof that I need to return to the U.S. Who carries their bank statements on vacation, what about paycheck receipts or your rental agreement? All of these things would have helped me out in this situation, I just didn't have them. Eventually they thought my story was pretty good and they believed me when I said I really didnt want to work on my vacation. I think they didn't have the blackest of hearts to turn around an idiot from alabama after he just drove across the whole damn country. It doesnt matter how you get in as long as you get in!


Blogger Just Brian said...

Well said Boomer. Well said. Still waiting for your book to come out!

9:22 PM  

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