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Monday, October 26, 2009

Internet access breeds photographic evidence

Oregon coast bridge

Oregon coast Lighthouse and private house
Matt King of the wizard sticks in northern california tearing the hip

The elderly grinding over the steps.

Seb finally making it over the steps, frontside no less

alex making the duct tape brace look smoooove!

Jamin leaving paradise in the winnebago shark with a Maxxis tire pulling a sucker fish move.

Whistler sunsets are always impressive

I hope the bandwidth holds for the photo uploads. The wi-fi is blocking drunkcyclist and advertises that peer to peer is blocked yet, I just ripped the new Californication in 36 minutes. The internet...where a goon can masquerade as a tech geek and get paid for it!
I met a pair of Scotsman and a californian in Lincoln City at the best skatepark in the U.S and enjoyed a night of eating and drinking at devils lake. Check the pics and more will follow.


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