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Thursday, November 30, 2006

El Vez wants a new president for x-mas!

El Vez brought his show to Smithes old bar last night and it was a true x-mas spectacle. Kingsized opened up with the Dames A Flame appearing out from under his giant hoop skirt while he sang dixie. Gorgeous ladies in rebel and yankee unifroms that soon were stripped off after the sword fight! They did an xmas number too with a midget santa, and toy soldier girls handing out krispy kreme donuts.

El vez did it all and a naked number which is on the video. An amazing show with numerous costume changes, big shoes, excellent musicians and the always beautiful "El Vettes!" After they were done there was a cloud of smoke from backstage that smelled like otto's jacket. Safety break!

Seek out El Vez at all costs!!!!!!!!!!!