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Saturday, August 02, 2008

The summer of bruised ribs begins....

I'm celebrating bruised ribs on either side of my torso and my neck is suffering from a slight case of whiplash...such is a summer in whistler. I got some pics from a friend of a friend, thanks to chris larson for some photo evidence of my full on goon style... It has been cold and wintry the last few days, the sun is supposed to peak out and crankworx is coming in a week or so. The rain will let the trail crews buff the mountain out and smooth all the braking bumps away. (or so we hope) The rock slide will keep the weekend jerk squad down a little bit. The weekdays are for WORK! That means while me an the boyz on the hill are carving the trails, there is no tolerance for JOEY behavior. We can tolerate the masses on the weekends, but, the week days are for the peeps that sacrifice the rest of the year to be on the hill 6 days a week. DO NOT STAND ON TAKE OFF LIPS, PUSH UP LANDING TRANSITIONS OR STAND IN THE MIDDLE OF THE TRAIL! The weekends you get a pass, weekdays you get squared up on and run down!