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Sunday, September 02, 2007

whistler and beyond 2007

I worked on eric's house throughout the winter in order to take off the summer for whistler, b.c. I left two months after I expected but finally got out of the dirty south. I made good time across the country and made it to whistler in 5 days. I left at 5 pm on monday and drove into whistler village at 2 am on saturday morning. My usual residence, lot one, was closed off for the crankworx event and I had no parking pass as of yet.
Jamin and I crashed out and awoke to a no camping notice on the windshield from whistler bylaw. I was hoping to run afoul of them later in the season but, it was good to get the game started.

I spent 490$ in gas across the country and my first fill up in canada was 68$ and 31 days after I crossed the border. I dont drive much up here other than around the parking lot, the rv park for showers and laundry. I got a storage space in function for all my extra junk I bring up, wheels, tires, red bulls and all the extra clothes I brought yet dont need.

Heres a pic of the first four days in whistler. Behind the bears you can see burt the river guide, he looks as amazed as the korean girls who surprised this momma and got chased down the river trail!

I will try to post more to the blog as soon as i find the time, it's hard between the riding, the eating and the safety meetings. To all my friends and family, call my phone if you need to, but, email works best at the moment...