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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Pre quintron end of the puppet show

The mighty Quintron and The lovely Miss Pussycat graced atlanta at the Drunken Unicorn with puppets and rokin'!

Saturday, July 22, 2006

It can't get any better!

I thought I was closer to getting on the road and seeing crankworx, I had a sweet frame on the way to build up for another whistler season. The bumper is painted and waiting for me to pick up. My truck is running pretty well and I have a new power steering pump, muffler and catalytic converter to install. My rear end troubles on the truck was just u - joints and has already been taken care of.

Then the post man walked up and loaded me with hope, only to be thrown down into the pits of bicycle despair! My sweet new to me frame has huge gouges in the headtube from a shop monkey with too much force and not enough sense. In the process of removal of the headset cups, the mechanic pounded away at not the headset cup but the race! This poses a problem for pressing in a quality headset and it staying in there through out a summer at Whistler!
On sunday I will find out which shops are for real in atlanta, i.e. they have a head tube reamer, and see if this problem can be smoothed over and get me out of the heat and into the British Columbian cool mountain air.

Friday, July 07, 2006



oh the travesties of trying to go on vacation for 3 - 4 months...
I pull into the mighty djs driveway and expect to change the oil in my truck, the overcast skies and rumbling thunder make me decide against this step, I proceed to get in my truck and back my bike rack into matt's landcruiser... that i'snt going to be cheap!
No worries I get the parts rolling on his truck and drive south to pick up some parts at SUMMIT in mcdonough... hmm the truck is feeling a little wobbly, seems I have a major problem in the rear end of the truck. Some of my bros say "better to happen here than on the road", I think better on the road and motivated to get farther down the road!
I took the evening off and harold and I enjoyed six feet under
We enjoyed the food and guiness on tap followed by making sure the jagermeister machine was working up to snuff, harold did the honorable thing and went to bed while I meandered off into the night to the drunken unicorn for a supposed late nite show, Instead it was the last few songs of Genghis Tron preceded by a manual going bad over a raccoon or cat like beast. Hell in this town it could have been a fat rat wearing a coon skin jacket!